Population: 94


Mayor: Gary Rohde (308) 858-4410

Village Board:
      Charles Stryker
      Gary Kuebler
      Bryce Swanson
      Ray Wolfe

Clerk: Kay Kennicutt (308) 858-4535


Electricity: Dawson Public Power District (308) 752-2105

Phone: Great Plains Communications (888) 343-8014

Sewer (City): Kay Kennicutt (308) 858-4535

Water: Privately Owned Water Wells

Garbage: Steve's Sanitation (308) 743-2551

Community Hall Rental: Barb Burr (308) 858-4601

Post Office: (308) 858-4950


The construction of the Kearney and Black Hills Railroad line in 1890 generated the move of the rural store and post office, owned by George A. Brown and functioning under the name of Congdon, about a half mile east to present location of Eddyville. The Wood River Improvement Company purchased the town site in the spring of 1890 from James Edmisten, Charles Blanchard, J. S. Stuckey and H. V. Temple. The site was surveyed in June of 1890 and the town was incorporated in 1893. Deeding began in 1900 from the Wood River Improvement Company to Mary A. Baker and to the Union Land Company in 1903.

There are different stories depicting how the town was named. Some say it was named after Eddyville, Iowa, which in turn was named for J. P. Eddy, an early post trader in the neighborhood, but most agree that J. H. Hamilton, superintendent of the K and B H Railroad and the Wood River Improvement Company, named it for Miss Eddy of Christian Science fame who was an acquaintance of his and was visiting in the vicinity at that time.

The north-south streets of Eddyville were numbered First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Avenue. Main street was an east-west street just south of the now vacant cafe. Other east-west streets were named Catalpa, Cypress, Sycamore, Maple, Cherry, Ash, Oak, Poplar and Cedar though not a tree could be found in the town.

Taken from: Eddyville Our Town. Researched and compiled by Dolores McFarland

For more information on Eddyville, view http://www.eddyvillene.com.


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